Booking information: we reveal what guests want

In a recent survey, we asked travellers from across the globe what pieces of information – after price and location – they most wanted to know to make the best decision on where to stay

by Katrina Visser, Travel Writer,

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Once a guest has a destination in mind and a budget to stick to, the process of narrowing down the options becomes all the more granular. Some travellers are influenced by on-site amenities, while others consider attractions in the local area. Prioritising the trappings of technology is a must for some, while other holidaymakers are swung by glowing reviews and media mentions.

So, what do guests really look for? We have sifted through the data to uncover the top five factors.


As obvious as it sounds, having clear information on the facilities available in your property came out top – 35% of tourists make this a priority area. Guests want to book with confidence, so giving them detail on the amenities you offer will help inform their decision and help manage expectations during the stay itself. You can update you listing via Pulse or the Extranet.

Reviews from others travellers

They say there is no better marketing than word-of-mouth – and global travellers must tend to agree, with 35% of those surveyed considering reviews from other guests as an important decision driver. Learn about how guest reviews work over on the Partner Help Centre.

Room photos

It’s a cliche, but for good reason. A picture paints a thousand words, so having good photography of your property is a must – 31% of travellers consider this to be key. Head over to Click. to learn how photography can be a powerful tool for your business

Transportation to and from the accommodation

After a long outward journey, the last thing a traveller wants is to spend time stuck in a taxi queue or get lost trying to navigate an unfamiliar public transport system. Offering transport to and from your property is a big bonus (31% of travellers agree), so whether its a shuttle bus, dedicated driver or even a recommended cab service, help your guests start their journey as seamlessly as possible

Free WiFi

Travellers like to switch off, but not completely. While embracing your surroundings and engaging in local culture might call for a digital detox, travellers still like to stay connected whether it’s to keep track of onward travel plans or update their friends and family with social media posts on their adventures. Free WiFi is no longer a mod con, but an essential for 30% of travellers

For more details on how to optimise you listing and ensure you have the best information available for your guests, visit the Opportunity Centre on Extranet.


Katrina is Travel Writer for's Blog and Click.

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