Providing the best in-room amenities for your guests

From home-made delicacies to entertainment systems, what are the guest room amenities that’s partners swear by?

by Katrina Visser, Travel Writer,

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While much of the modern travel experience is built around discovering the local culture and community, the simple details of in-room amenities can have as much of impact on overall guest experience.

For a tired business traveller, what could be better than a good cup of artisan coffee to kick off the morning while they get ready for the day. Or for the young family, being able to stream Peppa Pig when the kids decide to wake up at 6am can make an early start all the more bearable. We delved into the Partner Forum to see what enterprising hosts include in their in-room amenities and the guest room supplies that their customers love the most.

“We supply high speed WiFi, Netflix and I have a folder with roughly 100 DVDs in it, with at least half being childrens and family movies” – Bundoran Surfer
Down-time is important for most guests, so having Netflix or other entertainment systems available in-room can appeal to many – and guests will appreciate not having to stream from their own devices. Free WiFi is also a big plus [and] for 30% of travellers it’s an essential piece of information that informs their booking decision.

“We put small handmade soaps in the bathroom labelled with our logo. They are often taken home and that way [they have] a memory of staying with you” – Greta Smagghe
While providing toiletries is a staple of chain hotels, smaller properties can take inspiration from this practice to include a small selection of bath and shower goods – with locally produced and handmade options proving popular. And, as Greta says, these things are a lovely keepsake that might remind guests of the property in future.

“Guests really appreciate having fresh milk in the fridge when they arrive” – Carol Roff
Stocking up on the essentials – particularly if your property is self-catering – saves guests from having to make a supermarket dash on arrival. Consider a small welcome pack with a few fresh kitchen items to really help the guests feel at home.

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“Capsule coffee has come a very long way since the early days. If you’re only serving a small quantity then this is a good quality serve. If a higher quantity then a proper ground coffee machine is in order. I used to live near a local coffee company who did all their own bean blending and roasting – aroma in the area was glorious.” – fluff
Coffee culture has boomed in recent years, and for aficionados who know their flat white from their cortado, a good cup is an essential. Offering quality coffee – and teas – are a welcome addition for many guests.

“I give a small bottle of our own olive oil … and fresh flowers from our garden.” – Stephanie ~ Hotel Estia FINIKOUNDA
Bring a bit of the outside in, and brighten a guest’s room with some pretty blooms or plant-based products that showcase the natural surrounds. While not essential, these additions are unique to your property and guests will remember those personal touches.

“Three sets of postcards [featuring] drawings from three different positions in the town. Most guests take postcards or send them during the stay.” – Apartments Petricevic
Not just a nice souvenir, postcards can provide a simple marketing tool when guests send them to friends and family.

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