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Click. daily update: travellers not as loyal as hotels think

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by Nicola Donovan, Click. Travel Writer, Booking.com

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  • More than 80% of guests would choose to revoke their personal information from hotel brands, according to research from Oracle Hospitality
  • TripAdvisor have revealed the “most excellent” hotel chains that have the highest percentage of TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellent recipients globally
  • One in two of all international luxury trips are created by millennials, according to The Global World Travel Monitor
  • Present trends in air transport suggest passenger numbers could double to 8.2bn in 2037, according to the International Air Transport Association
  • The first Marriott hotel welcomes Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa to its guest rooms

1. Travellers not as loyal as hotels think


2. TripAdvisor ranks the “most excellent” hotel chains in the world


3. Luxury trips becoming popular among millennials


4. IATA forecast predicts 8.2bn air travellers in 2037


5. Amazon’s Alexa checks into first Marriott hotel


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