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Click. daily update: Muslim travel industry to create 1.2m jobs by 2020, says report

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by Nicola Donovan, Click. Travel Writer, Booking.com

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  • A new report by Salam Standard revealed that the Muslim travel industry will create 1.2m jobs in the Middle East by 2020
  • Industry experts at Tourist Jordan have seen a recent spike in travellers visiting Jordan exclusively for wellness travel
  • The latest travel trends survey from Travel Leaders Group reveals that consumers are spending more per trip in 2019 versus the current year
  • NH Hotel Group is launching “fastpass” that will allow travellers to check-in online, choose their room and check-out online
  • Thomas Cook has confirmed the opening of 20 own-brand hotels between now and the end of 2019

1. Muslim travel industry to create 1.2m jobs by 2020, says report


2. Wellness travel in Jordan is on the rise


3. Anticipated growth in consumer travel spending in 2019, says survey


4. NH Hotel Group launches “fastpass”


5. Thomas Cook confirms 20 new own-brand hotels for 2019


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