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by Nicola Donovan, Click. Travel Writer, Booking.com

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Here are five of today’s most interesting reads to keep you in-the-know.

1. 80% of guests desire wireless casting abilities in their rooms

A study conducted by Hotel Internet Services revealed that 80% of respondents indicated a desire to wirelessly cast content from their devices onto guestroom televisions, with 90% of surveyed hoteliers agreeing that guests today would prefer to be offered these abilities than traditional video on demand.

Source: www.traveldailynews.com

2. ADR driving record-breaking year for Israel’s hotel industry

According to data from STR, Israel’s hotel industry is tracking for an impressive year, with average daily rate (ADR) as the main driver of performance. Israel saw a 7.8% increase in ADR through the first 10 months of this year when compared with the same period in 2017.

Source: www.hotelnewsresource.com

3. Responsible tourism increasingly important to travellers

ABTA’s Travel Trends Report 2019 has revealed that 45% of people agree the sustainability credentials of their travel provider are important when booking a holiday, almost doubling since four years ago (24% in 2014).

Source: www.traveldailymedia.com

4. US hotels predicted to enjoy growth

CBRE Hotels Americas Research is forecasting US hotels will enjoy a 10th consecutive year of growth in 2019, with hotel occupancy expected to rise to 66.2% in 2019.

Source: www.cbre.us

5. Helsinki aiming to attract a million virtual visitors in 2019

The City of Helsinki has partnered with VR-studio ZOAN to create VR-Helsinki, with the aim of attracting a million virtual visitors to the Finnish capital in 2019 whilst promoting sustainable tourism.

Source: www.hel.fi

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