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Click. daily update: Overseas tourism brings over €5bn to Ireland in 2018

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by Nicola Donovan, Click. Travel Writer, Booking.com

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Here are four of today’s most interesting reads to keep you in-the-know

1. Overseas tourism brings over €5bn to Ireland in 2018

Tourism in Ireland is growing, with a total of 10.616 million overseas trips made to the country in 2018, compared to 9.932 million trips in 2017 (+6.9%). According to the Central Statistics Office, international visitors spent a total of 70.9 million nights in the country, up 3.3% on 2017, and generated earnings of €5.149 million (excluding fares), an increase of 5.6% on 2017.

Source: www.cso.ie

2. New York named best city in the world for 2019

New York has been named the best city in the world in the Time Out Index 2019. The survey of 34,000 travellers was combined with the opinions of industry experts and editors to identify the most aspirational destinations globally. According to Time Out, New York came out top thanks to “ongoing diverse and accepting vibes”, as well as a unique culture and unparalleled eating and drinking options.

Source: www.travelpulse.com

3. Pakistan establishes committee for religious tourism

Pakistan’s government has formed a Religious Tourism and Heritage committee, comprising members of both the federal and provincial cabinets. The committee will work on promoting tourism of all the religions including Sikh, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, along with heritage sites such as those of Buddhism in Taxila.

Source: www.dailytimes.com.pk

4. Almost 90% of travellers concerned about travel safety

The Global Rescue 2019 Travel Safety Survey has found that nearly 90% of travellers have some degree of concern for travel safety, with 16% more concerned in 2019 than the year prior. More than two thirds (69%) of respondents ranked crime as their greatest travel threat, followed by health and medical issues (67%).

Source: www.traveldailynews.com

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