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Click. daily update: Egypt tourism showed strong recovery in 2018

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by Nicola Donovan, Click. Travel Writer, Booking.com

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Here are four of today’s most interesting reads to keep you in-the-know

1. Travel and tourism in Egypt showed strong recovery in 2018

Egypt became the fastest-growing travel market in North Africa in 2018, up 16.5% on 2017, according to the WTTC. The sector now contributes EGP 528.7bn (US$29.6bn), while supporting 2.5 million jobs. Additionally, GDP contribution is projected to grow even further, by 5.4% in 2019.

Source: www.traveldailynews.com

2. Millennials impacting how hotels are conducting business

According to a recent survey by AHLA, hotels are listening to what millennials want and making changes accordingly. Over 10% of luxury, upscale and midscale properties have now implemented communal rooms with shared living spaces to cater for community-focused millennials. Similarly, 40% of hotels now use mobile apps that guests can use to a access hotel services, up from 35% in 2016.

Source: www.travelpulse.com

3. South Africa becomes Africa’s largest travel and tourism economy

According to the WTTC, travel and tourism in South Africa contributed ZAR 425.8bn to the economy in 2018, the largest contribution of any country in Africa. Additionally, the sector generated 1.5 million jobs and represented 8.6% of all economic activity in South Africa. The growth was primarily driven by leisure travellers (64%) and business travellers (36%).

Source: www.traveldailymedia.com

4. Portugal launches ‘wine tourism’ development programme

The Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism has announced plans to turn the country into a ‘must see’ wine tourism destination, with 2.5 million tourists having visited Portugal in 2018 in search of wine-based experiences. The programme will include professional training, product qualifications and marketing campaigns. Tourism has been identified as the main driver of growth for Portugal’s wine sector in the coming years.

Source: www.tourism-review.com

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